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Brick and Stone Retaining Walls

Retaining walls add a visual hardscape element to your garden but they also serve other important functions. Retaining walls can:

Brick and Stone Retaining Walls

  • Convert an unusable, sloped area into a planting bed, patio, walkway or swimming pool.
  • Protect a home set low from the moving soil on a hillside.
  • Protect the soil near the foundation of your home from erosion.
  • Improve drainage and prevent flooding

Our goal with each masonry project is to produce the highest quality product. We take the extra time to ensure perfection. Our masons have the engineering expertise to ensure that your retaining wall holds up to the immense forces of the moving soil.

Brick Retaining Walls: Bricks are strong and beautiful and make durable retaining walls. Masonry walls are protected from ground water with a barrier of compacted stone and drainage pipes.

Stone Retaining Walls: Stone retaining walls can be found in the world’s oldest gardens; they can add a timeless quality to your garden too. We build retaining walls with bluestone, fieldstone, limestone or sandstone.

Concrete Block Walls: Concrete blocks are less expensive then bricks and natural stone and can easily form curves. Concrete blocks are limited by their strength andcan only be formed into retaining walls smaller then four feet tall.